Dynamic Ag is proud to receive these farmer testimonials from a number of leading producers across Australia.

“Steve Cotton is the facilitator in a lifetime ewe management course which I attend, and I am also part of his Best Wool Best Lamb farmer group. Steve has helped me gain a better understanding of the critical steps in the production life cycle and animal health and nutrition.

“Steve’s assistance with my pasture and sheep condition assessments helped me identify a shortfall in feeding supplies. His economical and practical strategy for addressing the shortfall was based on his solid understanding of ration formulation in low/medium rainfall zones.

“With Steve’s insights I have improved my bottom line by selling lambs earlier than I otherwise would. Steve’s expertise in animal feeding and budgeting is excellent and he’s proved that an ongoing relationship with a farm advisor can reap many benefits.”

David Drage, Nuffield Scholar, sheep and cropping farmer, Warracknabeal, Victoria

“I use and will continue to use Steve Cotton as a valuable advisor on drenching requirements, product choices and management decisions in a low to medium rainfall zone.

“Steve provides sound evidence-based advice on resourcing and drenching products to use based on my needs and requirements. He has a great knowledge of environmental and geographical considerations when it comes to choosing products for high or low rainfall areas.

“Steve is always really keen to get a solid understanding of the farm business and its unique situation before he makes any suggestions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve for his production and animal health advice services. His background is solid, his advice is practical and he has an extensive network of specialist contacts. I rely on him to provide informed advice to help me make balanced business decisions.”

Jonathan Nield, livestock producer, Moama, NSW

“I have used Steve Cotton for farm management consultancy for my grazing property. He provides a valuable sounding board, and brings a fresh approach and expert advice to my business. Often farmers operate in isolation, so it’s good to collaborate with Steve; his informed outside input helps me make better decisions.

“I would definitely recommend Steve. He is an excellent communicator with great technical knowledge and very skilled in pastures and hay management and resourcing. He has a sound knowledge of sheep and beef cattle nutrition, health and wellbeing.”

Marcus Winter Cooke, beef and sheep farmer, ”Murndal”, Tahara VIC

“I am a participant in the lifetime ewe course facilitated by Steve Cotton, and have found it very beneficial for our sheep enterprise. The course has highlighted things that we could be doing a lot better, such as sheep nutrition and managing our multiple birth ewes separate from singles, thus reducing feed and solving birthing issues.

“Steve’s advice has already paid dividends with a higher lambing percentage recorded this season. Steve is a good speaker and presenter, is amiable and approachable, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their ewe management.”

Rod Weidemann, cropping and sheep farmer, Weidemann Pastoral, “Sunnydale White Suffolk Stud”  Rupanyup, Victoria

“Steve Cotton facilitates our lifetime ewe group. His ability to impart knowledge to the group on the Lifetime Ewe principles is helping us better manage our ewes based on their nutritional requirements. By following his pasture skills advice, we are allocating feed more effectively and efficiently and as a consequence our marking percentage has increased this year by 10%.

“Steve has extensive background knowledge and gives evidence-based insights for any challenges we are facing. He is able to translate complex technical information into an easily understood language.”

Nick McClelland, lamb producer, McClelland Ag, Lismore, Victoria

“Steve Cotton has a great wealth of knowledge and is able to take complex theory and put it into practice. He has a vast array of expertise and always explains everything clearly and concisely in easy to understand terms. He is enthusiastic about helping farmers maximise results and always helpful and diligent in his approach. I am happy to recommend Steve.”

David Cornish, Sheep and beef producer,”South Barnoolut”  Casterton , Victoria

“I have used Steve Cotton for feed budgeting and allocation advice for a couple of years. He has certainly helped me in utilising feeds according to the demands and life stage of the animal. He concentrates on identifying the most cost effective and resourceful approach to get the right balance of nutrition and health for my sheep. He is always thinking ahead, planning where he wants my animals to be in 30, 60 or 90 days, and what can be done now to achieve that goal.

“Working with Steve makes me feel confident in moving forward with my feed budgeting and allocation. Steve has a very good grip on farm practicalities and the physical landscape of farms, as well as excellent scientific knowledge and insights into the wider agricultural industry.”

Trent Carter, sheep and cropping farmer, ”Wallaloo Park Merinos”, Marnoo, Victoria

“We have completed lifetime ewe management and breed well feed well courses with Steve Cotton and found him to be very informed, with an easygoing manner. Steve has improved our knowledge of nutrition and condition scoring, as well as our ability to assess food on offer in the paddock. Working with Steve has led to improved stocking rates and increased lambing percentages. After working with Steve we feel confident I’m making informed decisions, and tapping into his knowledge of the seasonal challenges, such as prepping for a tough summer. Steve has excellent industry knowledge, is a great presenter and able to communicate complex information clearly and easily.”

Rob, Georgie & Stuart Greig, sheep farmers, “Eulo” Caramut, Victoria

“I have attended Steve Cotton’s courses as well as used him for feeding and drenching program advice. Steve’s insights have helped me improve my feeding stock, which has resulted in more lambs with better growth rates. With his drenching program, I am now conducting more effective drenches at a reduced frequency, saving me time and money. Steve is a succinct communicator, with great industry background and knowledge. He finds practical applications for scientific findings, which is very beneficial. I would definitely recommend him.”

Ben Young, sheep farmer, “Chiltern Park” Macarthur, Victoria