We take pride in offering independent, expert advice on all areas of animal health, livestock management and ruminant nutrition

Our consultancy services

Whether you have a problem that needs fixing or simply wish to improve your productivity and profitability of your sheep or cattle enterprise, we can help.

  • whole farm planning
  • livestock production and management advice
  • strategic seasonal management

We take the time to develop a solid understanding of your farm and the factors that are contributing to its success, as well as the areas that could be improved or fine-tuned.

Our areas of expertise

Livestock health consultancy:

  • vaccination programs
  • lice
  • husbandry procedures and practices
  • drenching advice and drench resistance testing
  • worm egg count testing

Animal management advice:

  • weaner management
  • containment/feedlot design
  • optimisation of stocking rates and pasture utilisation
  • review and optimisation of joining, scanning, marking and weaning results

Ruminant nutrition consultancy:

  • pasture and supplementary feed budgets
  • ration formulation
  • fodder conservation
  • trace element testing

Working with us

Versatility: Some clients simply need a one-off phone consultation or farm visit to address an operational issue. Most clients work with us on an ongoing basis, where we consult periodically to create and implement a strategic plan.

Farm visits: Being on farm with you, and looking at both the livestock and the paddocks is vital to assess the most practical and profitable way forward. This whole farm approach is vital to understanding your business, production system and environment.

Packages: We offer a flexible yearly livestock consultancy package, consisting of four to six visits per year at strategic times. At these meetings we drive around the property with you, gaining insight into how the livestock and pasture/crop systems are progressing, before reviewing the system (livestock weights, condition score, joining/scanning/marking results, pasture dry matter) and creating a plan of attack moving forward.  Each consultation comes with a written report including areas for improvement and detailing any nutritional, management or health considerations to improve profitability.