Project Management

We are a leader in providing project management programs for agribusiness and agricultural clients. Our involvement in a project will help:

  • reduce risk
  • prevent errors
  • control budgets
  • keep your project within the planned schedule
  • define the parameters for quality and success
  • comply with all applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client based

We can help you coordinate and manage every step of your project – from review, appraisal, procurement, construction supervision, verification and inspection right through to testing and commissioning.

Field Trials

Dynamic Ag director Dr Steve Cotton has been involved in numerous field trials across Victoria and Australia.

With an in-depth understanding of the field trial process, we provide consultancy and assistance for all stages of field trials including:

  • planning
  • compliance and animal ethics
  • implementation and data collection
  • assessment and review

Steve Cotton has been involved in the following field trial programs:

  • evaluation of new sheep drenches on abamectin resistant properties in South West Victoria
  • evaluation of vaccine products to reduce incidence of arthritis in lambs
  • evaluating the efficacy of a new cattle anthelmintic on properties in Western Victoria

Product Evaluations

We conduct product evaluations for clients in the sheep and cattle industry, using a variety of methodologies and technological tools. Our independent approach ensures that no commercial conflicts of interest impact upon the evaluation process and results.

Whether it be a collaborative research project with industry or a simple on-farm trial with farmers, Dynamic Ag can help. Product evaluations (large and small) may include the assessment of:

  • productivity gains
  • benefits of vitamin and mineral products
  • animal health products and their impact on conception
  • animal ethics approvals
  • study/site designs