Dr Steve Cotton, Livestock consultant, livestock nutrition, sheep and cattle health, sheep and cattle management

I’m Dr Steve Cotton, founder of Dynamic AG livestock consultants


I started Dynamic Ag to partner with producers looking for independent, expert advice on livestock nutrition, health and management.

I have more than 12 years of experience in the agricultural industry

I’ve worked with producers, pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians, researchers and organisations all over Australia, providing expert advice in all areas of livestock management and nutrition. My particular strengths are worm control in sheep and cattle, livestock production systems in both high and low rainfall zones, (including animal health and management), and ruminant nutrition and fodder conservation.

I’m proudly independent

Farmers trust that my advice doesn’t come based on commissions or with hidden commercial interests. My clients know that the advice I provide is 100% independent, giving them peace of mind that my recommendations are truly what’s best for their farm’s productivity, animal health and profitability.

I combine academic expertise with on the ground know-how

I have a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours from (La Trobe University) and a certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. I was awarded a postgraduate scholarship through the Australian Sheep CRC and completed my PhD in 2007 for my research into the diagnostic potential of faecal antigens from sheep infected with black scour worm. But academic qualifications only take me so far – I’ve spent countless days on farms, working directly with farmers and livestock, conducting health checks, treating diseases and providing advice for better animal husbandry.

I facilitate farmer groups

I facilitate Lifetime Ewe Management for Rural Industry Skills Training (RIST) throughout Victoria and South Australia as well as Best Wool Best Lamb groups through Victoria’s Wimmera Mallee  and south west Victoria. I am a specialist presenter for RISTs Diploma of Agriculture, as well as certificate II and III courses.

I have participated in a number of research trials

I have been involved in private and public research trials, product evaluation trials and new product trials for the livestock and agronomic industries. I have worked with companies such as The University of New England, Virbac Animal Health, Zoetis (formally Pfizer Animal Health), Merial Australia, The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources, Wrightsons Seeds and others.

Areas of expertise

  • feed testing
  • worming
  • drenching
  • group facilitation
  • farm operations and strategy
  • lifetime ewe management
  • ruminant nutrition
  • workshop and conference presentation
  • farm trials and projects
  • improving farm productivity and profitability


Cotton SJ (2007) Analysis and diagnostic potential of faecal antigens from sheep infected with Trichostrongylus colubriformis. La Trobe University – PhD Thesis.
Richards KM, Cotton SJ, Sandeman RM (2008) The use of detector dogs in the diagnosis of nematode infections in sheep faeces. Journal of Veterinary Behaviour: Clinical Applications and Research. 3, 25-31.