Worm egg counting service

Dynamic AG provides a comprehensive faecal worm egg counting service for clients across Australia.  Routine faecal testing allows you to monitor your livestock’s productivity, even before obvious clinical symptoms develop.  We are accredited through Paraboss (Wormboss) ensuring accuracy and consistency of your results and you can find us listed on their website here

Worm egg counting can help you:

  • make better drenching decisions
  • save time and money on unnecessary drenching
  • set relevant, professional and independent advice on if and when to drench
  • slow the rate of drug resistance in your sheep and cattle

24 hours or it's free

You’ll get your results within 24 hours of us receiving your sample or you get it free!
No more chasing up your worm egg count test results with Dynamic AG.
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Worm egg counting with Dynamic Ag is reliable, accurate, fast and professional

Worm egg counting frequently asked questions

How do I start testing?

Dynamic AG has worm egg count collection kits available which contain 10 collection bags, submission forms, pricing and detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to collect your samples.  These kits can be picked up directly from Dynamic AG or can be posted to you.

How do I collect samples?

You can collect directly from animals in the yards.  This involves randomly sampling animals while in a race or crush. Most clients collect samples from animals they have pushed in the corner of the paddock and held for ten minutes, allowing them to empty out. Collect equal and small amounts of faeces off the ground (approx 5g/animal) and place in a plastic zip lock sandwich bag.  After collecting 20 different samples off the ground, you will now have a combined sample (a bulk sample) in the one bag.  Squeeze as much air out the bag as possible and place in the fridge as soon as practical.

How do I deliver samples?

We have three options for delivering samples to Dynamic Ag:

  1. Express Post: we suggest posting early in the week to avoid postage delays over the weekend
  2. Drop off: stop by our office at 4 Wells Street, Hamilton to drop off anytime
  3. Call Steve: for pre-arranged on-site pickup when he’s next in your area

Regardless of your delivery option, please download the Worm Egg Count form here and attach it to your samples.

What is the turnaround time?

We endeavor to provide a same day service for samples that reach our laboratory before 5pm. We also provide a results guarantee – you’ll get your results in 24 hours or your money back.

Can you prioritise my samples?

Priority is given to the samples as they arrive at the laboratory. We understand that you sometimes need your results instantly and we endeavour to accommodate these requests where possible.

How do I pay?

We will invoice you for the testing at the end of the month. We accept cash, cheques and online bank transfers as payments.

Can you do worm egg counts on the weekend?

YES – if you have had a busy week on the farm, run out of time or are coming to town on the weekend, we can perform your worm egg counts on the weekend. Please call either Steve (0447 352 321) or Glenys, our laboratory operations manager, (0437 589 998) prior to arrange this at no additional cost.

Do you offer interpretation or advice?

YES – our advice is independent and backed by knowledge and experience in the field after conducting drench resistance tests and worm egg counts for over 10 years. We can provide drenching trigger levels, comments and interpretation of results. For this, you will need to fill out a submission form to give us as much detail about your livestock as possible. The advice you get is only as good as the information you provide.

If you’re comfortable doing your own interpretation, simply fill out a submission form,  write your details on each sample, post or deliver to Dynamic AG, and you will receive a text message with your results. It’s that easy!

How are the test results sent to me?

You can elect to receive the results via email or text message.

Email results include comprehensive advice and recommendations with your results, whilst text message results is a cheaper option for those farmers who just want the results only.